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The modern website can and should do two things well: deliver the ecommerce results they were designed to deliver, and 2) carry a big part of the business processes load—cutting costs via process automation and customer service, working tirelessly as a critical cog in your marketing machinery, providing valuable intelligence about your customer.

Does yours? Simply having a website brings no more magical business success than rubbing on a yard-sale lamp. Websites that work are carefully and wisely developed from content through the code. Critical questions must be asked and answered. Site architecture aligned to purpose. Word and image shaped to deliver relevance and results. Graphical skin designed to delight and reassure. And finally, web code written to conjure the finished site on-screen as developed.

We have the savvy and experience to develop and build a web presence for your business that takes full advantage of the amazing opportunities in ecommerce and marketing that the internet provides...but only those opportunities and processes that make sense for your business objectives, capabilities, and customers.

We're here to help you get more from the web and its technologies...whatever that "more" may be.

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Rodeo Queens
The Academy of Applied Science

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Rivetpoint: Content is King

Understand that hard work at the research and planning stage of website development makes EVERYTHING that follows more effective and efficient.

Here's the first key question: What do you want your site to do? Move product? Collect leads? Educate and amp market awareness? Inform and entertain? Persuade? Drive offline sales (like put people in your restaurant)? A combination of some of the above? And then think of it this way: What do you want visitors to do once they reach your site? Order product? Call a rep? Join a mailing list/subscribe to a newsletter? Download free PDFs and stuff? Upload content, like a testimonial, or a comment or a review? Read lots of pages? Make a monetary contribution? A combination of some of the above?

Figure that out and you've the taken the first crucial step to a website that performs. RivetPoint is here to help you get it right. —Michael Waite

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